Product Description:
Low Alkaline Cleaners

Sparkle 2 is an excellent, concentrated, foaming, liquid degreaser and general purpose cleaner for removal of all soils in food plants. Highly effective engine cleaner, grime build up, removes, stubborn stains and carpet cleaner. Can be used on braai grids, pots and pans. Sparkle 2 can be applied via high pressure machine, foam unit, or hand spray application. Sparkle 2 is registered with SABS and is safe for use in the food industry. Sparkle 2 is a registered trade mark to Glenchem (Pty) Ltd. Product pH @ 1 % is between 11.90 – 12.30.

Concentrated, foaming, liquid degreaser
General-purpose cleaner
Removal of all soils in food plants.
Effective engine cleaner,

Removes, stubborn stains and carpet cleaner.
Use at a 1: 100 (1 %) dilution with water. Do not mix with other chemicals unless instructed to do so by the manufacturer. Rinse well after application. Sparkle 2 is non corrosive when used at recommended concentrations.
Available in:
This product is available in the below standard packaging formats. For White Labeling or custom packaging requirements please make contact with our product manager to discuss your needs.

100ml, 500ml & 1 Litre – Sachet
5 Litre – Drum
25 Litre – Drum
210 Litre – Drum

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