Product Description:
Bio N Zyme LO 40 is a concentrated, harmless bacterial / enzymatic liquid to digest organic matter, converting it into water soluble matter. It consists of new patented strains of Bacillus spp. These are environmentally friendly organisms isolated from nature. The product contains approximately 5 billion organisms per litre.

Contains approximately 5 billion organisms per litre.
Environmentally friendly organisms
New patented strains of Bacillus spp

Dosing instructions vary according to application. Waste water – 1L /40 000 L daily waste. (Depending on severity and type of waste) Septic tanks and French drain shock treatment: 5Lt / 5000Lt waste. Septic Tanks and French drain weekly treatment: 1Lt / 5000Lt waste. Product is more effective when used in conjunction with Powdered Bio N Zyme Super.

Waste water
Septic tanks

Available in:
This product is available in the below standard packaging formats. For White Labeling or custom packaging requirements please make contact with our product manager to discuss your needs.

5 Litre – Drum
25 Litre – Drum

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