Product Description:
Highly Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers
Drain P is a heavy duty, high alkaline, powdered drain cleaner, containing aluminium activators that react with water. This product is designed to dissolve fat accumulation and obstructions in drains. Product pH @ 1 % is between 12.00 – 14.00.


Add 250 g (1 cup) per drain. Allow 10 minute contact time. Rinse with water where possible. (Warm to hot is preferable) Repeat the process if necessary.

Product may boil, and release dangerous fumes. Do not breath in fumes.
Product heats to excessive temperatures when in contact with water.
Do not mix with other chemicals.

Available in:
This product is available in the below standard packaging formats. For White Labeling or custom packaging requirements please make contact with our product manager to discuss your needs.

5 Kg
25 Kg

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