Product Description:
Highly Alkaline & Caustic Degreasers
Vuma 2 is a heavy duty, high alkaline, foaming, liquid, primarily designed to clean smoke houses and other heavily soiled surfaces via automatic application. Vuma 2 may be used to remove carbon deposits, fats in ovens, grillers and smoke rooms via automatic applications within food processing areas. Product pH @ 1 % is between 11.50 – 12.50.

Smoke Houses
Other heavily soiled surface

Use at 5 – 20 ml /L dilution with water depending on application. A contact time of between 5 – 20 min depending on application. Rinse off, inspect area for effective cleaning. Repeat the process if necessary. Product is highly corrosive on alloys in concentrate form.

Rinse surface well.
Do not mix with any other chemicals.
Use diluted product within 7 days.

Available in:
This product is available in the below standard packaging formats. For White Labeling or custom packaging requirements please make contact with our product manager to discuss your needs.

5 Litre
25 Litre
210 Litre
1000 Litre

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